About Me

Hello! I’m John Andrews – a film director and cinephile behind this blog. I created it to share my passion for the art of visual storytelling, connect with fellow movie buffs, and discuss a variety of topics that interest me.

I’ve been making movies since getting my hands on a camera as a kid. After film school, I spent years working my way up on indie sets before directing my first feature film 5 years ago.

On this blog, you’ll find behind-the-scenes stories from productions I’ve worked on, reviews of my favorite classic and contemporary films, tips for aspiring directors, and musings on film history. Even on my time off, I’m always thinking about movies and dissecting what makes them impactful.

My mission is to provide an entertaining, insightful look at the world of cinema. I believe great movies have the power to move us, spur social change, and help us see the world through new lenses.

Whether you’re a fellow film buff or just enjoy a good story, I appreciate you joining me on this cinematic journey! Looking forward to our conversations.

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