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Traditional Pottery at Kalinago Barana Autê

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At the Traditional Pottery Stall, one can find pottery demonstrations and a brief explanation on Kalinago and Kalinago pottery items with a mythical or religious meaning and designs which range from: Water goblets, Ceremonial bowls, Tea cups / cups, Ashtrays of different animal formations, Plaques of Kalinago Territory and Dominica, Flower vases, Souvenir items, Chokers, Cooking pots.

Pottery has always been an art work practiced for over thousands of years by our Kalinago ancestors and handed down from generation to generation.

During the days of our Kalinago ancestors, while the men hunted and fished, the women sat and made pottery. They used the coiling techniques with rolls of clay dough. Utility vessels were often decorated such as Cassava griddles and bottles where sweet potato and manioc alcohol was stocked. However, other ceramics in different forms used for ceremonial purposes were decorated with patterns incised or painted in red, white or black.

Kalinago women often shaped small animals or human representations called "adornos" on the rims of their pottery. Some figurines are of great authenticity and are easy to identify such as human faces, agoutis, frogs, birds, manatees and dogs. Others are more complex and mysterious. A religious and mythical signification is transcribed behind these geometrical decorations.

The Kalinago Traditional Pottery Stall at the Kalinago Barana Autê started on July 15 th , 2006 and is operated by Miss Marianna Stoute. Presently there is no one recognized in the Territory for this artwork. It was her intention to do it the way our ancestors did it, traditionally by skillful handwork and baking it on wood fire. It is also intended to develop the art and designs of pottery making so the present generation can be aware to revive and maintain this important part of our culture.