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Kalinago Barana Autê Larouma Products

Kalinago Craft Products
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Kalinago people use Larouma to weave various craft items which can be found at Kalinago Barana Autê. These items include bottles, baskets, caps, hats, sifters, squeezers, mats and finger traps all woven by hand into various styles, sizes and designs.

It is believed that the Kalinago people transported the Larouma plant to Dominica from South America over 1000 years ago. As part of the culture of the Kalinago people, the plant was passed on from past to present generations and they natured the skills and creativity to weave extremely beautiful, valuable and functional craft items out of it.

For use it is manually converted into thin, flexible strips that can be used for weaving. The strips can also be converted into different colors such as black, purple, and yellow through natural processes.

Throughout the Carib Territory one can also find many Craft Shops, most of which are traditionally constructed.